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Why Traffic / Number of Visitors is Important for Online Dating Websites

In this article we will explain why we have chosen traffic or number of visitors to each site as an important part of this review and the overall score for each site. Traffic or number of visitors gives a good idea as to the amount of active members. The number of active members is one of the most important features a website can offer, and while many websites say how many members they have, this can be deceptive for different reasons:

  • A site may have a large number of members, but many of them may not be active members anymore or may never have been. There may be many people who signed up at some point in life, but have not visited the site for years.
  • Many of these websites offer free registration with no ability to contact other members, but they still count these free members among the active members.
  • The site knows its number of members, but could just plain lie about it or exaggerate its figures.

The number of “active” members a site has is very, very important, so we did not want to leave this aspect out of the reviews. In order to give the most reliable data, we have looked at how many visitors a website received, which is something measured by independent sources and thus much more reliable.

In this article and website when we refer to traffic you can also read it as number of visitors or a way to measure active members.

Why Traffic / Number of Visitors is Important for Online Dating Websites

Traffic or number of visitors is vitally important to the success of any online dating website. Traffic indicates the popularity of the site; the more members a site has, the greater the probability that you will be able to find someone you like.

Number of visitors is even more important if you live in a small city and are looking for somebody who lives nearby. In this case, you’d be better off joining an online dating website with high traffic. If you live in a large city, then it’s likely that any of these websites will have enough members who live nearby you.

Traffic is also indicative of how well the website is doing its job of finding partners for other members. It is difficult to be attracting over 1,500,000 visitors per month consistently if members did not find what they were looking for when they first signed up for that website.

The different sites ranked in terms of U.S. traffic are shown below:

Monthly UsersFree Registration
Match7,100,000Free Registration
eHarmony4,500,000Free Registration
True3,300,000Free registrationb2
SinglesNet2,500,000Free Registration
MatchMaker1,697,000Free Registration
Date1,697,000Free Registration
Mate1689,000Free Registration
ChristianMingle545,000Free Registration
BlackSingles379,000Free Registration
AmericanSingles178,000Free Registration

Members Online Dating

The site that receives the most traffic from the websites reviewed is, with about 7,400,000 visits from U.S. visitors per month. Match is also the 119th most visited website (of any type) by U.S. visitors, which makes it the most visited website of all the dating websites, with traffic that almost doubles its most direct competitors.

EHarmony, True, Singlesnet & Matchmaker– all with over 1,500,000 visitors per month- do not have as much traffic as, but also have a very high number of monthly visitors, which makes them very reliable services with many members. They have enough traffic and members to make sure that you will be able to find enough compelling people.

Other websites such as ChristianMingle or BlackSingles– because they appeal to specific kinds of people- have lower traffic. These can be great alternatives if somebody is strictly looking to date Christians or African-Americans, since most of the members in these websites will be of that type. Because these websites appeal to specific portions of the population, the traffic they receive is not necessarily indicative of the quality or scope of its members within those speciality groups.

MatchTrueMatchmaker & Date (**)American SinglesMate1SinglesneteHarmony(*)Black SinglesChristian Mingle
Quantcast Rank
Traffic (Monthly visitors)
Alexa Traffic Rank (US)

(*) EHarmony does not give permission to Quantcast to publish its estimate for number of visitors. We provide a best estimate for eHarmony from extrapolating the rest of data and its ranking in comparison to other sites (AlexaRank & QuantCast Rank).

(**) The traffic estimate for has been calculated by adding the traffic for and, since these websites are the same service and share the same member base.

To give these traffic estimates, we have relied on the data of an independent source,, which estimates the monthly U.S. traffic of the highest traffic websites on the internet.

Explanation of the Information:

Quantcast Traffic Rank (US): Quantcast is an independent service that estimates the U.S. traffic for the most popular websites on the internet. The lower the numbered rank, the higher the traffic it receives. QuantCast rank applies to all types of websites. In this case, is estimated to be 119th in rank of all websites and is ranked number 1 among dating websites and therefore listed first on

Alexa Traffic Rank (US): Same as the Quantcast rank, but estimated by another source (Alexa).

Score: This measure represents the score of any website with relation to the traffic of Match. So if one site receives half the traffic of; it will receive a score of 5 & if it receives 1/10th the traffic, it will receive a score of 1.

Quantcast also estimates the kind of visitors to any given website. Some of the variables it measures are:

  • Male: % of the visitors to the website who are males
  • Female: % of the visitors to the website who are females
  • 18-34: % of the visitors to the website who are 18-34 age bracket
  • 35-49: % of the visitors to the website who are 18-34 age bracket
  • 50+: % of the visitors to the website who are 18-34 age bracket
  • Index: An index of 100 is average. The higher a website’s index is, the more concentrated a specific population is within that website (overrepresented). An index lower than 100 means that a certain population is misrepresented. The lower the index, the more misrepresented is that population.
MatchTrueMatchmaker & DateAmerican SinglesMate1SinglesneteHarmonyBlack Singles
Christian Mingle

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