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Price is an important feature. Paid dating websites are generally quite better than free dating websites. The biggest reason why we believe paid websites are better than free ones is the quality of their member bases and services provided. You can find more detailed information about this in the article “Free vs Paid Online Services.”

However, the price of membership is also important. All of the reviewed websites have prices which are very affordable (under $50/month on average) and are also very good for the services and features they provide. We have included a score for pricing, since price is essential ingredient in choosing the right dating site for you.

In terms of price, Black Singles is definitely the most affordable dating website, though of course it’s not for everyone! One month only costs $9.99, and with a 6-month subscription, you only pay $4.99 per month. American Singles is a pretty good deal at $13.33 per month for a 3-month subscription and $9.99 for a 6-month subscription.

All of these dating websites have an automatic renewal system for your paid subscription, which means that unless you cancel your subscription before it’s over, you will automatically be charged for the full length of time of your original subscription. The exception to this rule is Black Singles and Christian Mingle (no that’s not a line from a Christmas tune). Both of these sites allow you to go into your account and change the automatic renewal so you won’t be socked with unexpected charges.

How Prices were Tallied into the Results:

It is challenging to give prices a score, but we surmised an effective methodology to achieve this goal. First we calculated an average price per month, averaging the different options for the length of paid subscriptions (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year).

Next, we formed a scoring scale based on the range of prices for different dating websites. We considered an average of $50/month a high price (Score 0), while an average price of $0/month would be considered a 10. Other prices have scores that fall somewhere in between. The closer the price is to a $50, the lower the score it will have.

In the case of, it is free for women and $49.95 for men. The average price would then be $49.95/2 = $24.98.

The prices and scores for each site are as follows:

Prices in $/month
MatchTrueMatchmaker & DateAmerican Singles
Mate1SinglesneteHarmonyBlack Singles
Christian Mingle
Monthly Price (1 month)$29.99$49.99$34.95$24.99$49.95$24.95$59.95$9.99$29.99
Monthly Price (3 months)$16.99$33.33$23.32$13.33N/A$19.95$29.95$6.99$16.99
Monthly Price (6 months)$14.99$26.67$16.66$9.99N/AN/A$29.95$4.99$13.99
Monthly Price (1 year)N/AN/A$11.66N/AN/A$7.49$19.95N/A$9.99
Automatic Paid Renewalyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes & noyes & no
Average Price in $/month$20.66$36.66$21.65$16.10$24.98$17.46$34.95$7.32$17.74
Score (1-10)

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