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Overall Results:

In the chart below you will see the overall results for ChristianMingle compared to the average results of all 10 reviewed online dating sites including, the overall winner.

Average 10 Sites
logo_ChristianMinglematch logo
Overall Score (1-10)6.896.309.23
Search/Find Members (1-10 Score)6.807.067.65
Communication with Other Members (1-10 Score)6.165.915.91
Free Registration (1-10 Score)5.745.007.50
Prices (1-10 Score)5.616.785.87
Number of Monthly Visitors2,321,000545,0007,100,000

Free_registration Christian Mingle

ChristianMingle scored 9th place of all the reviewed dating sites. This is a little misleading since ChristianMingle is especially geared towards Christian singles, so the amount of traffic it receives will be less than other sites. If you are a Christian only interested in dating other Christians, then this site is a good choice for you.

ChristianMingles finished third in the “Search/Find Members” category, which judges its ability to search and find good matches for you.

See the Overall Test Results for All Sites

Free Registration:

Registration to Christian Mingle is free and includes the ability to see other members’ pictures and profiles. You may also fill out your own profile, though you will be unable to contact any member until you upgrade to a paid subscription.

Type of Dating Website: is a specialty interest dating website geared towards heterosexual Christians. I would be surprised if there was a homosexual dating option on a Christian dating website, and to quell my curiosity, I went to I was pleased and surprised to find t is actually a real website. So apparently there truly is something for everyone on the web!

Filling Out Your Online Dating Profile:

The initial profile quiz upon registration is very simple and only takes a few minutes. It includes the basics: gender, hair and eye color, height, body type, ethnicity, education, occupation, kids or not, and a brief self-description. After you register, you will be prompted to fill out a more detailed profile that includes your favorite music, movies, activities, restaurants, vacation spots, political affiliation, fashion sense, and schools attended.

You can also take the Color Code personality test, and your color will appear on your profile. The core motivation for a red person is power, fun for yellow, peace for white, and blue for intimacy. Many people find a lot of accuracy using the Color Code personality assessment.


Seeing Other Singles Profiles:

Most peoples’ profiles include at least one picture (and up to 4). On his or her profile, you will see basic lifestyle questions and fun facts such as the ones you filled out for your own profile: children, movies, music, etc. They may have answered questions posted to their profile that show what they’d like to do on a first date, what being Christian means to them, and where they see themselves in five years. Nearly every member has a self-written introduction to describe him/herself better. If the member has taken the Color Code personality test, you will also see his or her color.

Christian Mingle automatically organizes your potential matches by how close they are to you geographically. You can also organize the viewing of your potential mates in the following ways:

  • Most recent
  • Match percentage
  • Newest members
  • Photo
  • Age
  • Distance
  • Last updated
  • Color code

You can see if the person is online or not and the last time they logged in. You have a number of ways to initiate contact: smiling, sending an e-card, or a spark. You can also add them to your “hot list,” and track your matches by clicking “yes,” “maybe,” or “no.” You have the option of adding someone to a number of categories: block list, hide list, friends list, or a favorites list.


Preferences for Your Dating Profile:

You decide in “Required Preferences” what you are looking for in a mate with the given guidelines: age, location, height, body type, education, relationship status, denomination, religious activity, smoking, drinking, and ethnicity. You also specify what percentage of your required preferences a person must meet in order to be seen on your home page. In delivery options, you decide whether or not you want Christian Mingle to email you when a new match has been found, and also whether you want to show your match preferences on your profile.

Online Dating Paid Subscription:

With free membership you can do many things, but in order to contact (and be contacted) by other members via email or Instant Message, you will need to pay a subscription. Payment allows you to check your compatibility with any member. After taking the compatibility test, Christian Mingle will send you your best match every week. Rates for subscriptions are as follows:

  • $9.99 per month (12 months subscription), one payment of $119.88
  • $13.99 per month (6 months subscription), one payment of $83.94
  • $16.99 (3 months subscription), one payment of $50.97
  • $29.99 (1 month subscription)


What I Liked Most About ChristianMingle:

I loved the fact that Christian Mingle uses a Color Code Personality test. I was really into the Color Code personality test as a teenager and find that the test and its personality descriptions are still just as accurate today. Knowing what color you are gives you a solid base of knowing what other colors you’d want in a romantic partner. You even get to see what percentages of different colors other people have in their personalities. I also appreciated that the site had a Bible quote of the day and that you could search the Bible on the site itself. It lends an air of spiritual integrity to the site. It is a website for Christian singles, after all.

What I Liked Least About ChristianMingle:

There are some websites you enjoy by virtue of visual aesthetic; there are others you don’t. Christian Mingle is a no-frills interface that’s not particularly pleasing to the eye. This is not to say it’s not well-organized or easy-to-use; it just isn’t very fancy.

Free_registration Christian Mingle

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