The Dating Reviews

We have reviewed and compared the top most popular dating websites and given each site an overall score on a 1 to 10 scale. We conducted this test with detail and thoroughness to make sure you are a well-informed consumer. You can check the methodology on this page. The overall results of these reviews are as follows:

The absolute winner and best rated dating website is Match.com, with a total score of 9.23 out of 10.

PositionSiteTotal Score (1-10)Free Registration
1.Match9.23Free Registration
2.True7.96Free registrationw2
3.Matchmaker6.77Free Registration
4. Date6.77Free Registration
5.AmericanSingles6.70Free Registration
6.Mate16.51Free Registration
7.Singlesnet6.48Free Registration
8.BlackSingles6.43Free Registration
9.ChristianMingle6.30Free Registration
10.eHarmony5.68Free Registration



Match is the top rated dating website because of these attributes:

  • It has the highest number of visitors & active members.
  • It has a simple and very effective way to find and search for compatible members. This is especially significant since Match.com has the highest number of members of all the dating sites, so it is important that it can match you effectively with compatible members.
  • It includes free registration and access to all the features for a free, 3-day trial. You can experience the benefits of this website and see what it has to offer before you pay for a subscription. Very few websites offer a full featured free registration and trial.

Match.com is so confident about its ability to help you find someone special that it has a special 6-month match guarantee (only available with a 6-month subscription), which states the following:

Find Someone Special In 6 Months Or Get 6 Months FREE!


How the Scores were Derived

We have thoroughly reviewed 10 online dating websites with consideration to the following aspects and categories:

  • Number of Visitors / Active Members: Number of visitor’s the website receives or number of active members.
  • Search / Find Members: The ability of the site to search and find the members which have the characteristics for which you are looking.
  • Communication with Other Members: These sites give you the opportunity of contacting and communicating with other members through different means which help you choose the best and discard the rest.
  • Free Registration/Membership: What features are included in the free registration and how well these free registrations and memberships compare.
  • Prices: Prices of membership compared.

The results for the following categories of these websites are as follows:

PositionSiteTotal Score (1-10)Search/Find Members(1-10 score)Communication Between Members (1-10 score)Free Registration (1-10 score)Average PriceNumber of Visitors

(*) By clicking on the website, you will be able to read a thorough review of the website. By clicking on the titles of the column, you will be able to read much more information about each specific test. For more information on how the test has been conducted, please click here.

If you want to understand how these results were tallied, you will find it here.